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Our Portfolio

Below is a list of our most recent video projects which best showcase the style of videos we create. Be sure to check out our showreel as well which shows a nice collection of our most recent projects to date.


Having been founded back in 2006 we have been creating videos for a wide range of clients within Kent, across the UK and internationally around the world. We treat every video project individually and ensure we make the best possible video for your purpose. Many people forget that a video needs a key purpose and we will always ensure your video not only looks good but fulfills the reason it was made. Does it need to inform your audience? Promote your service? Teach users to do something? Whatever the purpose we know the best methods to get your information across in the most effective way and is one of our unique selling points.

Our key services of filming, editing and title animation show clearly through our portfolio of work and certain projects are good examples of us involved in larger projects where we have produced certain elements of the final video under a team of fellow video and marketing companies. No matter what style of video you are looking to create or whether you just need to hire us for a single service, we have skills in all areas of video production and know how to make great video content.

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