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Project Description

Hercules Smith is a classical singer from South Africa who has performed at prestigious events across the world and was in need of a promotional showreel which would showcase his talents.

Having performed his contemporary classical music at large events across the globe such as the Rugby World Championship and the popular South African TV show ‘Noot vir Noot’, Hercules was in need of a promotional showreel to showcase his performances and music videos.

The showreel needed to encompass sections of his best performances across years of appearances and also to use clips from his recent popular music videos. The showreel would then be used to promote his services for future clients and performances and to be used on his website.

Having supplied us with all of the videos, we then decided upon the best sections from each clip and edited the sections into a structure which allowed the video to rise and fall alike a classical piece of music to ensure the ‘ethos’ of the video was in-keeping with his brand of classical music.