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Acting Showreel Scene Filming & Editing

Is there is a specific role that you are desperate to play and add to your showreel, but just haven’t had the opportunity come along yet? Well then you’ve come to the right place! We have a team of professional filmmakers who can film and edit (even script-write) your scene to use in your acting showreel. Everything is filmed on cinema-standard equipment so you can be confident that you’ll have a scene which looks just like something out of a feature film.


Starting from

  • 1 – 3 Minute Scene

Example Scene

How it Works

Step 1 – Consultation

The very first thing we will do is arrange a meeting with you to go over your ideas, whether that’s on a video call, over the phone or in person – whatever works best for you. From here we’ll get a better idea of exactly what you’re looking to achieve and provide an exact quote for your production.

Step 2 – Pre-Production

During this phase our team can have as much, or as little input as required to help get all of the pre-production aspects taken care of. For example, if you need the scene written then we have feature-film writers who can write a short script to use, or source locations, hire other actors to play alongside you in the scene etc. Whatever you need we can provide anything you need, or we’re happy if you’ve got everything ready to go and you don’t need any input at this stage.

Step 3 – Production

On the day of filming we will arrive with a minimum of a 2-person crew (exact requirements will depend on what has been discussed during the consultation) and film everything in 4K cinema quality. All of our crew members are industry-standard with a range of film, TV and commercial credits to their names, so you are in safe hands! We can even film multiple scenes if time allows and we have different locations nearby, but again this will all be discussed during your consultation.

Step 4 – Post-Production

We will then log all of the footage from the production and get to work turning it into a cinema-quality scene! During the production, everything will be filmed in 4K ProRes RAW and therefore will be of industry-standard quality. A full edit, sound design, royalty-free music track and colour grade are provided as standard, however we even have a team of professional composers who can write and produce bespoke music for your scene.

Step 5 – Sign-Off and Export

Once the first draft has been completed, we will then send you the scene to check. From here, you can let us know any changes you would like made and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you are completely happy with the scene, we will then finalise everything and send you the 4K version of your scene in whichever format you need. Most typically we will provide you with an ‘.mp4’ format since it’s the most universally accepted format and will play on any device including phones, tablets, computers and can be uploaded to any online platform. We can even insert the scene into your current showreel or edit you an entirely new showreel featuring the bespoke scene – whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Why Work With Us?

Although Aether Productions are a corporate video company, we are actually a subsidiary of ‘Aether Film Productions Ltd’ and are a UK-based film production company with a professional crew of individuals who have produced a range of short and feature films since 2009. So when it comes to creating a bespoke acting showreel scene we can confidently say that you’ll be gaining a piece that is entirely bespoke to you, made by industry professionals.

This unique service isn’t something very commonly offered by many showreel production companies and is what helps separate us from other service providers out there. However we know there are so many actors that desperately want to play a certain role to put in their showreel to prove they can do it, and just haven’t had the opportunity. Therefore we’re proud to offer this bespoke service to help actors achieve their dreams and help showcase their talent without having to worry about being casted in the perfect role.

Want an Acting Showreel Scene?

If you’ve got further questions about our acting showreel scene creation then feel free to contact us!