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Founded back in 2006 by business partners Kelvin Packham and Holly Jarrett, Aether Productions has always been a unique video production company offering top professional services to an array of clients and industries.

During this time we have created thousands of videos and had the privilege of working with great clients include big names such as Reebok, Panasonic, Serco, The Sun, Kent County Council, University of Greenwich…Just to drop a few names! So in simple, we know how to make great videos.

The first question we always get asked when working with someone new is “What does ‘Aether’ mean?” Well in all honesty it was us being a little pretentious back in our Uni days! The term ‘Aether’ originates from the great philosopher Aristotle who classified Aether as the quintessence; the fifth element. We loved the concept of being the ‘fifth element of video’ and have always thrived to set ourselves apart by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with video and truly believe in our ethos of being the quintessence in our industry.

With a team of professional videographers, editors and visual effect artists we can truly offer an all-encompassing video production service which can take any idea from concept to reality. With every project we will always consult our clients on the best methods in order to make their perfect video. So if there’s ever something you’re unsure of then just ask us and we’ll be happy to help.

No matter how big or small the project, we can create any type of video for any platform; whether it’s an online corporate video, mobile specific download, playable DVD for meetings or events, promo videos and trailers, a series of training videos and pretty much anything else you want to throw at us!

With every video we create it will be specifically designed around the vision you have and we will ensure it fulfills its purpose. There are a million and one ways of making a video, but ensuring you have the right method is where we thrive and we will build your video according to its key purpose. Does it need to sell something? To train someone? To create a specific emotion perhaps? Whatever the requirement, we know the best methods to make those ideas happen.

We will always ensure your brand image is at the heart of your video, we know how critical it is to any business or individual to establish their brand through any marketing and so we will always ensure your video will encompass all aspects of your marketing in terms of logos, colour schemes, font types etc to create videos which will not look out of place sitting among anything else within your company.


KELVIN PACKHAMCreative Director
Having founded Aether Productions with Business Partner Holly Jarrett in 2006, Kelvin has always worked in the world of video production and recently formed his own Marketing Agency and sister company ‘Aether Digital’. Kelvin is a huge fan of film and is an award-winning short film director which shows through his cinematic style in all videos he creates, and is currently writing and producing his first feature-film.
HOLLY JARRETTManaging Director
Prior to co-founding Aether Productions with Kelvin in 2006, Holly initially started as a specialist in sound and worked on a mix of audio projects as well as gaining critical acclaim for her radio drama ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’. Since then Holly has become a master of video production in both filming and editing whilst her skills of audio make her the key asset when it comes to recording sound for video and creating specialist sound effects and selecting the best music tracks for the right video.

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