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Acting Showreel Services

If you are in need of professional acting showreel services then we offer two bespoke options, acting showreel editing and acting showreel scene creation. Firstly, if you have a collection of clips from films/shows that you’ve acted in and simply want them all edited together into a professional showreel for use online or on Spotlight etc, then we can provide you with our acting showreel editing service. Alternatively, if there’s a specific type of scene you would like to have made for your showreel, then we have a professional team of filmmakers with cinema-quality equipment that can turn your idea into a reality.

Acting Showreel Services

Acting Showreel Editing

We have a team of industry-standard editors that can collate all of your acting scenes and edit them into a professional acting showreel for use with talent agencies, online databases, social media and Spotlight etc.


Acting Showreel Scene Creation

If you have a specific role you would like showcased in your showreel, but haven’t had the opportunity to play this type of role, then we can create a bespoke, professional scene to use in your showreel.


Price Guide

Acting Showreel Update

  • 2 – 5 Minute Showreel

Acting Showreel Edit

  • 2 – 5 Minute Showreel

Showreel Scene Creation

£40000Starting From
  • 1 – 3 Minute Scene

Professional Acting Showreel

When working with us, you can rest-assured that you are working with a team of industry professionals, featuring a range of film editors, cinematographers, writers and directors all with feature film credits. This is what separates Aether Productions when it comes to Acting Showreels, alongside our corporate video division, we are also a part of Aether Film Productions Ltd who have a range of short and feature film production credits, some of which have global distribution and are streaming on services such as Amazon Prime etc. Therefore when working with us, your showreel will be edited by industry professionals and if you use our Showreel Scene Creation service then you’ll be working with a team of feature film makers, ensuring your scene will be cinema-screening quality.

Want an Acting Showreel?

If you’ve got further questions about our acting showreel services then feel free to get in touch!