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Video Production Price Guide

So you can get an idea of costing your video project we have listed our price guides below for filming, editing and title animation. We work on full-day rates for filming, and both full and half-day rates for video editing. For reference if you are looking to have a video filmed and edited then as a ‘rule of thumb’ the editing will take twice as long as the filming – so if you have 1 day of filming then the editing will be 2 days.

Filming Price Guide

The prices below are charged per camera-operator. For simple filming projects a single camera operator will be sufficient and they will be able to gain all the shots you require – this applies to projects such as filming a small event that just requires a mixture of shots to produce a promotional video.

Full-Day Filming

£30000Per Day
  • 8 Hours (Between 8am – 8pm)

Hourly Rate

£5000Per Hour
  • Hours Before 8am and After 8pm

These prices consist of a single camera operator with one HD camera and kit, single microphone and 3 x lighting kit. Extras such as 4K filming, additional lighting rigs etc are charged separately and we will discuss this during your planning phase.

When filming in the UK the only additional costs for filming are for mileage, tolls and parking fees incurred for traveling to and from the filming location as well as hotel and food costs if overnight stays are required. Mileage is charged at 30p per mile and tolls/parking/hotel fees etc are charged as to what price is paid on the day. Again these costs will all be discussed during the project development phase.

If your project is international then we are happy to travel to anywhere in the world and we will simply charge any travel fees incurred including flights, hotels, taxi fares and food etc. With larger international projects we will put together a fully detailed pricing breakdown of your project quote.

Video Editing Price Guide

Video editing is much simpler to cost since it simply involves the price of a single editor for a certain duration of time and we will always quote exactly how long we know the editing will take. This is a time consuming process and is the time it takes to log and transfer all your footage, choose the best clips, edit the video together, add any titles, music and audio and export the video in the correct format.

Full-Day Edit

£30000Per Day
  • 8 Hours (Between 9am – 6pm)

Half-Day Edit

£15000Per Half Day
  • 4 Hours (Between 9am – 6pm)

All editing prices include our ‘full list of changes’ guarantee which enables you to see the first draft, write a single list of all the changes you want made and have all those amendments made to the video for the final output.

Acting Showreel Prices

Acting Showreel Update

  • 2 – 5 Minute Showreel

Acting Showreel Edit

  • 2 – 5 Minute Showreel

Showreel Scene Creation

£40000Starting From
  • 1 – 3 Minute Scene

Title Animation Price Guide

Animation can vary depending on the complexity of what you want your titles to do, however as a rough guide we have broken the costs down into each of the three most common types of title animation we get asked to create.

Logo Animation

£25000Per Logo
  • Have your logo animated into a unique video sequence

Wording Titles

£12500Per Title Template
  • Perfect for videos requiring animated text (course videos etc)

Info Video

£60000Per Info Video
  • Have your information appear as animated graphics

Additional Costs

Depending on your project requirements the only additional costs will be for:

Project Hard Drive (price dependent on project size)
This is used to store all of your files on and for us to work from for the duration of your project. This hard drive can then be returned to you upon project completion or stored in our office for safe-keeping in case you ever wish to revisit the project in the future.

Royalty Free Music Track(s) (Approx £30.00 per track)
One of the most important aspects of using a video online or on TV is that you must have copyright-free music. If you try to use a music track which you don’t own the rights to then you are likely to have the video removed or be filed with a legal case. So we will always ensure to use music which is royalty-free in your video to avoid these issues.

Voiceover Narration (Ranging from £50.00 – £200.00 per script)
This is mainly used for information videos and is where a professional voiceover artist will read aloud your script which we then edit over the top of the audio in your video. The prices depend on how good you want the voiceover to be and how long your script is to be read.

So that’s all of our pricing options for each of the key services we offer. We know this can all be quite confusing to work out for yourself so if you would like to get a more exact quote for your project then please feel free to contact us today!

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