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Acting Showreel Edit

Our acting showreel editing service allows you to send us all of your acting scene clips and then we edit everything into a professional acting showreel for use with talent agents, online databases, social media and Spotlight etc. Our team are all industry-standard editors with feature film credits to their names, so you can rest-assured that you’re in safe hands when working with us!


Acting Showreel Update

  • 2 – 5 Minute Showreel

Acting Showreel Edit

  • 2 – 5 Minute Showreel

Example Showreel

How it Works

Step 1 – Send Us Your Clips

The first step is simply getting a copy of all of your scenes/clips sent to us. This can be done via whichever method works best for you, using our own online file transfer account, or posting USB sticks to us in the post etc. If there’s exact sections you would like to use then you can even provide us with timecodes to help guide us.

Step 2 – Acting Showreel Edit

We will then log all of your files and edit them together for best effect. This also includes your introduction and end title slide with your headshot, name and contact details – as well as a ‘lower thirds’ title in the corner of each clip, describing the name and type of project.

Step 3 – Edit Changes

We will then send the 1st draft of your edited showreel across, in order for you to check. You can then let us know any changes you would like made and we will get everything sorted. Upon your final approval we will then finalise the video ready for final output.

Step 4 – Final Export

Once you’re happy with your showreel, we will then export the video in whichever format you require and send it across for you to download. Most typically we provide you with a high-quality version in the universally accepted ‘.mp4’ format which is playable on all mobile, tablet and computer devices and can be easily uploaded to any online platforms.

Why Work With Us?

Here at Aether Productions we pride ourselves on having a team of professional industry-standard editors who have been editing acting showreels for over a decade and have all worked on an array of Commercials, TV and Film productions. So you are truly in safe hands with a friendly team and we are here to make your showreel exactly how you want it.

When it comes to editing your acting showreel, the main reason to work with a professional company (such as ourselves!) is that we know the best techniques and formats in order to get your current clips looking the best they can. We’ve seen so many acting showreels which contain clips that haven’t been converted properly and are in the wrong aspect ratio, aren’t de-interlaced (so have that digital ‘flicker’) or are just pixelated due to editing in the wrong resolution. We ensure that every clip you want to use in your showreel is formatted correctly so that your acting reel looks professional from start to finish.

Looking for an Acting Showreel?

If you’ve got further questions about our acting showreel editing service then feel free to contact us!