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Project Description

Offering a friendly community network of like-minded women wanting a safe environment to breastfeed their newborns, Medway Breastfeeding Network wanted a video to help promote their service.

Run by the Medway Council this network allows women a friendly environment to breastfeed their newborn babies whilst gaining new friends with a community of like-minded families.

The network was running so successfully that they needed to start adding additional dates in order to not be overcrowded and so they wanted a promotional video which focused on how the group works and what mothers were experiencing during their time at with the group. We filmed during an entire breastfeeding session in order to gain cutaway shots of the activities and also film interviews with different mums to describe how they found the group and what the benefits were of coming. Using all the footage we then created a nice video which explained how the network was run and promoted the service in a friendly style to ensure it was in keeping with the ethos of the group.