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Project Description

Being the largest supplier of grapes in the UK, Grapes Direct required a video which showcased how effective their packaging and distribution services were and to show their international partnerships.

Grapes Direct work in partnership with Ropac in which Grapes Direct source, manage and import the finest grapes from around the world whilst Ropac then take control over the packaging and distribution of all grapes to large UK suppliers such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Due to the different nature of each business, Grapes Direct required a video which showed how they carefully select the finest grapes from across the globe and then import them from their international partners; Whilst Ropac’s video needed to highlight their carefully systemized procedure of packaging and distributing of the grapes.

The entire video was filmed during a single day at their large warehouse and packing center in Rochester in Kent, which then allowed us to edit the correct footage into each separate video for use on their respective websites and for promotional purposes at corporate meetings and events.