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Project Description

Panasonic were due to launch their latest camera Lumix G3 and required a video which showed the camera in action. We then created a behind the scenes video of how it was all made.

One of our largest projects to date, Panasonic approached us to create a new project which focused on their latest camera the Lumix G3. Firstly the requirement was to make a video which made purely on their new camera and so we were given unlimited access to the camera and all accessories. Secondly, they required a video which showed how that feature video was made and how the crew found working with the camera.

Over the course of 2 months we followed the Panasonic Lumix team and filmed endless supplies of footage of them using the camera and multiple interviews on what aspects they enjoyed and how easy they found it working with this professional consumer-based camera. The project spanned across the whole of the UK with core sections focused in London which really showed off the camera in low light when we were filming the capital at early hours of the morning.