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Project Description

Offering a number of courses to their students, Croydon College wanted to have individual videos created for each key course which would have students describing their experiences.

With a large push being focused on enrollment, Croydon College wanted to have a set of videos which would promote each of their key courses individually and allow current students to talk about their experiences whilst studying on their course. These would then be used online via the website course pages and on social media in order to promote each course in a more interesting way than just making the students read about everything.

We filmed a mixture of students across a 2 week period in which they were interviewed in front of the camera and would simply explain how they have found the course and what it has to offer potential students. We would then film each course ‘in-action’ as cut away shots and then created each course video individually to ensure they all followed a similar style but were unique in terms of their content.